Welcome to Spicy Fig!

I’m Jessica – chef, caterer and American mum raising 2 girls in the south of France.

Food has been my life for 20 years. A culinary career brought me around the world – introducing me to new cultures, cuisines and expanding my repertoire in the kitchen.

But after 12 years of extensive travel it was the south of France which captured my heart and where I finally lay down my hat (and knives, pots, pans, spoons, etc).

This blog is a tribute to my love of food and a collection of the globally inspired recipes I have accumulated over the years.

The recipes include traditional dishes as well as my own interpretations on international cuisine.

My emphasis in the kitchen has always been on seasonal, healthy dishes but I am also a firm believer in “everything within moderation” so don’t be afraid if you see butter, cream or foie gras on the ingredient list ……life is short, enjoy!

As a caterer I am still very likely to spend 14 hours a day in the kitchen but as a single mum I like my family meals to be nutritious and prepared within less than an hour.

This blog is a collection of recipes for experts who love to cook as well as amateurs who need a nutritious meal to put on the table. I want this to be a resource for both budding chefs and busy parents.

Twenty years ago I began teaching myself how to cook through the use of cookbooks so I know the importance of a good recipe. Because I taught myself and now teach others I want Spicy Fig to be a blog not only where you come for recipes but where you come to learn.

And, along with great recipes you get a glimpse in to my life as I navigate my way through the joys and hurdles of living abroad and raising children in France. So welcome and thanks for stopping by!