9 01, 2020

Spiced Lentil & Swiss Chard Soup with Lemon

2020-03-11T08:37:02+01:00January 9th, 2020|Gluten Free, Soup, Vegetarian|

This simple lentil soup recipe has easily become one of mine and my clients favorite soups. It is hearty and comforting with surprising flavor that comes from spices, lemon zest and the burst of fresh lemon juice. Spiced Lentil Soup [...]

7 02, 2019

Curried Cauliflower & Coconut Soup with Sautéed Mushrooms

2019-02-24T11:34:31+01:00February 7th, 2019|Gluten Free, Soup, Vegetarian|

January is like a rebound relationship. You break up with December. It was fun while it lasted - way too much fun to be any good for you. You're sad it's over but also a bit relieved. That kind of [...]

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